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kayleys stuff
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ppl I hate

You DO NOT want to be on here!!!

OK. Here is a list of people who are gay fcuks. I hate their guts (and they probably hate mine but oh well!)
1. Amy Collier
She is a bitch from bitch heaven. She crys at anything and laughs like a witch. She fancies the scummiest boy in our school (who is a typical townie) and has no real friends. I hope she burns in HELL!!!
2.Joe Miller
He used to be allright but now I can see that he is skixi! He is ok sometimes but a right barst*rd the other times! Die bast*rd!
3.Lulu Smith
This bitch has no friends(apart from boys!) and tries to steal other peoples! Im year 6 she tried to take me away from my best friend but we were not having none of it!! LONER! And I am pretty sure shes really a boy! she looks like some gay ass from the bloody bill!!
4.Bradley Hatchett
You are a sad looser and your parents dont care about you. You are so shit bored, the only thing you cn do is take the piss out of people better than you. You FCUKING CHAV!
If you apper on here... LUCKY YOU!
If you think you should be on here email me, ok? fine.

If anyone is upset about this page I DONT CARE!

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