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kayleys stuff
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All my very close mates are on here!

Her I put my friends!!!!
1. Alethea (Elfie)
You are a true friend! The best eva! allways there for me and you help me rebuild my sanity! thank you!!! xxx p.s if anybody knows Joe Dewing,ELFIE FANCIES HIM! (the short ass!)
2. Shelley
A friend who I can have some great fun with and a boy know-it-all! Thank you for being there when I need you and you are a great friend to go on holiday with! xxx
3. Harriet (Harri, Haribo)
You are a true friend and you are like my sister too! Thank you for all the good times we have had and I would NEVER want to loose our friendship! xxx
You are a great friend to talk to if I have a problem and great to be around! You say what you think and mean it! Thanks! xxx
You have been bugging me to add you for ages so now I have . Even though I dont like you! haha only Joking! You are a true mate!(even though you try to burn the trolls ears off!) I know you are a great sholder to cry on when im in some serious sh*t! (well I hope so!) :)thanks:) Seb lurver!!!xxx
You are a fcukin legend! (even if you pull the chair I am about to sit on!) You make me smile . no that sounds kinda sad! you are a fantastic partner in drama and we usually work really well! you are a great bundle of fun! :)xxx
Van helsing rulz! you are really funny and great to be around! I would have you over to my house anyday to watch movies and play on games!xxx
You are a good friend and keeps me under control! If it wasnt for you I would have been on report about 7 times and excluded about 3!xxx

If your not on here...HAHA!

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